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The luvvit company are a nice bunch of people, who know more people, who in turn know more people, and try to work as co-operatively as possible. Here's an non-exhaustive list of the kind of things we can do:

Amplifier Design and Repair
We create hand crafted boutique valve amplifiers, and also repair and customise valve and solid state amplifiers. This is our main business these days, but, as you can see, we can do lots of other stuff.
Other electronic design and repair
As well as amps, we do mixing desks, effect units, synthesizers, microphones, as well as most other sound and lighting equipment. We're not particularly cheap, so be selective on what you bring in.
Art and Design Original artwork: logos, identities and colour schemes, cartoon characters, portraits, landscapes, parallel universes; Photoshoppery; 3D design: computer generated, sculpture, plastics, metalwork, jewellery.
Web and Multimedia All of your Web, ICT and Multimedia stuff: web sites, e-commerce, content management, database, multimedia CDs / DVDs, videos, promos. See below for computing technology.
Computing Content management and e-commerce (PanAkos); software design; interactivity and gaming: game sockets and engines for Flash MX, Director, Halflife, Quake; database: construction, management and monkeys; server management (CAT) and networking: firewalls and content filtering, home networks, infrastructures, pipes.
Audio Recording and production, soundscapes, sountracks, jingles, engineering, mastering, live engineering, re-mastering, re-mixing, CD production and packaging, vinyl pressings, talk-overs, voice artists, web radio, writing and scripting.
Events Event management including: venues, sound systems, lighting, security, visuals, drapes and dressing, tickets, publicity; performers: DJs, bands, artists; hospitality: food and beverages.
Marketing & merchandising Marketing strategies, online marketting, search engine submission, point of sale, t-shirts, flyers, flyering.
Photography and Video Photography: entertainment, glamour, products, fashion; Video: photography lighting, sound, editing, DVD authoring / production.
Audio workstation Repair and Maintenance Repair, optimisation, harware upgrades, virus / attack protection, OS upgrades.
From half-day training to fully prepared college / uni schemes and timetables, by fully qualified teachers and trainers, any of the subjects you see here, including how to teach / train. The links and pages here are quite old and have been kept for continuity of other sites linking to it.
Management and consultancy
We can look after a job for you, or you could just ask us to advise, and get someone else to do it. We can also point you in the right direction for freelancers or partner companies.
The Luvvit Company 2000-2014
Damn, we're good.


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