TLC Amplifiers is a family run business based in Birmingham, UK. 

Under the brand name Branston Amplifiers, we create unique hand crafted boutique valve amplifiers.

Branston Mistress Amplifier, Donna, control panel.The Mistress range are point-to-point hand wired classic V-fronted guitar combos, inspired by the distinctive look and legendary sound of the late 50s and 1960s. At the heart of each of these combos is a faithfully re-engineered magnetics set. A pair of 1970s vintage speakers, and a set of premium matched valves are then selected for their warmth, character and tone. At the end of the matching process, each amplifier is named, and then "dressed"; it is covered with an unique varnished cloth finish, painstakingly created over 3-4 days, requiring between 7 and 9 finishing processes.

They are produced to the highest standard and use components that give the best tone, integrity and reliability.

These are guitar amplifiers for the blues connoisseur. No two amps are the same, giving you an exclusive collectors item, uncompromising in its build quality.

We also repair and customise valve and solid state amplifiers, studio equipment, synthesizers and microphones. All of our work is of the highest quality, and is both fully insured and guaranteed.

Locally sourced parts and products are used, where possible.


14/03/18 - TLC Amplifers is being updated! Many amps have been made, and many great amp repairs done. And what's more, we're starting more sentences with conjunctives, and researching more interesting stuff. When this turns to "has been updated" you will know that you're getting the most bang-up-to-date info on TLC Amplifiers, Branston Amplifiers, and RR Transmig Research. So, until then, have a look around, but mainly check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Oh yes! - we now have Instagram!

14/03/18 - Grab a Mistress while you still can...? Too late! we're keeping it. But never mind - there are two cabinets and a whole bunch of chassis left, so we can make you one!

There is only one Branston Mistress left from the original batch - Donna Lee, the 3rd and the raunchiest Mistress.This amp (featured above) is a refined version of the classic late '50s V-front design, with a pair of Elac 10N94 speakers and VVT transformers. Overall it has the best spec, and is the most feature filled of the three. Any future orders will be based on this amp.


This week saw the delivery of Branston BBB-30 Custom Multi-Mode Studio Amplifier to Creative Design Studios in Stoke Prior, near Bromsgrove, Worcs. Within hours it was on stage with Halesowen band, Fullshore, at the CDS launch party.

All finished, ready to goBranston BBB-30


The amplifiers page has recently been updated to include the three completed production Branston Mistress amplifiers. Donna-Lee, Cherylyn, and Betty-Sue are currently at The Little Guitar Shop in Hockley, Birmingham. If you fancy a play, that's where they're at, plus they've got more sexy guitars and amps than you could shake a wiggly stick at.

Branston Mistress range

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